Saturday, January 25, 2014

Send in the clones: The BigBrotherVladamir Saturday Blog

Ever since that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about the clones, it has been a hot issue; cloning. While some agree that cloning is the devil, other beleive it can provide an effective source of replacement organs for athletes and billionaires who can afford it.

Like it or not, cloning is quickly becoming a quick fix; when you want a perfect athlete, you just clone your best player, when you need an organ transplant you clone yourself and harvest the clones organs, when you don't feel like going in to work you send your clone. It has become a huge disruption to the workforce and in the personal lives of many. The confusion between identical twins and illegal clones has also produced an avalanche of lawsuits that are tying up the already overcrowded court system.

The solution? Believe it or not, more cloning. If one judge can handle 15 cases a day, then 150 clone judges can handle some number equal to the solution to 15x150 cases a day. It is an ironic victory, but a victory nonetheless for anti-cloning. In a world where decisions are made by the few for the many, why not even the playing field make making the few into many and suffering along with the rest of us? and if that doesn't make sense to you, then you just don't understand the complexities of cloning.

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