Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 5 things to do when its -23°C . The BigBrotherVladamir Blog

Its winter and you're freezing your balls off. Here are some fun activities to do when its -23°C:

1. Make ice cubes.
Grab your ice cube tray and some water and you've got fresh cubes every 5 minutes! Stock up for your Bourbon and Coke! Play pranks by putting them down your friends shirt. Great fun.

2. Get gaming.
Computers run faster in cold temperates. Open up your windows and start up your Windows for some gaming. You'll be pwning n00bs in no time this winter thanks to the cold frost.

3. Turn boiling water into snow.
Boil some water and toss it outside to magically turn it into snow. Fun.

4. Stick your tongue to a pole.
Be like that kid from A Christmas Story by experiencing the magic of having your tongue stuck to a flagpole. The attention you'll get from police and fire fighters is itself reason enough to give this a try this winter.

5. Make your own frozen bananas.
Put some bananas outside and they'll get frozen. I dunno, 5 is a lot of things to think of.

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