Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hidden Easter Eggs of The BigBrotherVladamir Show first 50 episodes: The BigBrotherVladamir Weekend Blog

It's been 50 episode of the BigBrotherVladamir Youtube show and you think you've seen it all, but there were many moments you may have missed:

#1. In the very first episode, BigBrotherVladamir mispronounces his own name as "Big BLOTHER Vladamir" as seen 3 seconds into the episode:

#2. In the well received episode entitled "One Angry Russian", BigBrotherVladamir was actually legitimately very angry and the redness of his face is not done in editing:

#3. In the episode entitled "A Message for Philip DeFranco" BigBrotherVladamir mispronounces his name as James DeFranco as seen here in the only usable take of the recorded footage:

#4. In episode 3, there is a product advert for Coors Light at the end, which displays their slogan "Taste the Silver" which was incorrectly interpreted by one of our lousy interns from the actual slogan "Taste the rainbow" or something. Anyway, here it is at #4:

#5. In Episode 5, "Movember" (one of my favorite episodes) the mustache BigBrotherVladamir is sporting is actually a fake mustache made out of paper since there was no time to grow a mustache of such ridiculous proportions in such a short period of time.

#6. Any avid watcher of the BigBrotherVladamir show will have noticed by now that in episode 11, the audio is completely gone, that is because of some asian music used for the end credits which was removed along with the rest of the audio when the squirrels are fighting. The song was credited on the video, but Youtube is jerks and BigBrotherVladamir was lazy to reupload, although this episode along with the illegally stolen song will be available on the BigBrotherVladamir DVD

#7.  The 7 unidentified objects in the original BigBrotherVladamir show set. Set decorators always have their own touch to give the scene the feel they are looking for. Here are what the 7 unidentified objects that appear in the show are:

#1. A piece of duct tape left over from the episode where BBV put up a new poster which later fell down.

#2. A 10th grade investment business project with teacher's notes that the project was well done although very unprofessional, citing specifically the use of "Elmo", "A Mexican in a sombrero" and a "kaboom with sound effects"

#3. A flyer for a window cleaning business.
#4. Middle School diploma.
#5. A Tae Kwon Do black belt certification from Korea.
#6. A spray bottle of mouthwash
#7. A participation trophy for a Tae Kwon Do tournament.

Hope you were enjoyed the insights into the world of BigBrotherVladamir. For more check out all 50 episodes again and keep tuning in every Wednesday for new episodes!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

ICQ Still Exists! : The BigBrotherVladamir Weekend Blog

 Still Exists

Many many years ago, at the dawn of the internet, one messenger service connected teenage people around the world. The acronym "lol" was invented and used as code to confuse adults who they laughed at. Those times now far away, we see sites like MSN and fade into the ether of cyber junk yards. Yet, despite their decades without activity, one site continues to pay for server space and a domain name, that site is ICQ.

This is a mystery to unravel for any of you Harriet the Spy/ Hardy Boys wannabes out there looking to make a name for yourselves in the online sleuthing world. Why does this site still exist? Who is paying for it? Has anyone been on there in the past decade or are there only the ghosts of the chatters remaining in the servers.

I visited the now abandoned site to chat with teens, as I often do when I'm not out gardening my Kumquats only to find the place deserted. Not a teen in site (pun intended). Maybe they are awaiting the second coming of the teens in hopes that websites, like fashion trends are cyclical and will one day return to the once dominant cyber chatting site. Maybe they will finally run out of money to keep up the servers and give up on the dream. Only time will tell, but I will tell you, that if it takes another 20 years, I will have my chat with some teens.

This has been another BigBrotherVladamir blog.

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