Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Afternoon Vladamirians! Today we're tqlking about shopping; America's passtime.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who shops, you are stupid.

Shopping was invented by capitalist society to make a few people very rich and everyone else, poor. Knowing this, people still flock to shopping centers and strip malls to spend money on things that don't make them any happier.

Its interesting psychology to see how advertising makes people think they will gain some happiness from a new purchase but in reality it has zero effect on happiness. In fact many of the richest people are the most depressed. So what is this capitalist consumerism really good for? The consumers think they'll be happy buying things and arent and the company owners think having billions will make them happy and it doesn't. Best we all return to tried and true communism, where people are treated equally, are not enslaved consumers and find peace and happiness in working together for a better society. Look at Cuba, everyone's happy in Cuba and there is no drug use there. In the US, drug use is rampant since everyone is depressed and seeking escape from reality.

All that being said,  vote communist.

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