Saturday, February 15, 2014

We've lost Contact! : The BigBrotherVladamir Saturday Blog

Nowadays you can get any look you want with makeup, surgery, and photoshop. One of the many ways people now alter their looks is wearing coloured contact lenses. These lenses change the shape and colour of their pupils to make them look however they want. I take issue with this. Here's why:

First of all;  the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, making your real eyes with false ones is like barricading the soul with sheets of particle board.

Secondly; its creepy. Most coloured contacts do not resemble possible human eyes and dehumanizes the person, making them out to be some sort of cat or anime character.

Lastly,its misleading. While many people are no strangers to tricking people into thinking they're good looking using makeup, when you meet someone and become attracted to them based on their eyes only to find out those weren't their real eyes, it is even more disparaging. That's like that episode of Futurama where the 400 lb chick takes a pill to appear curvy and attractive temporarily. The point is, at some point you will take off your fake eyes and will be seen for who you really are and if you fake what you really look like, whether with makeup, contacts or online with photoshop, eventually people will find out and be disappointed, and that's not what you want. This isn't Shrek, where you have to pretend to be good looking for long enough to trick someone into falling in love with you so you can marry them and then have them forever. Now i'm convinced everyone who wears colour contacts is an evil witch with that exact scheme.

Its pretty obvious things are going to continue to go downhill with the way people fake looking good, but there is something we can do, and that something is of course virtual reality. If everyone is so fake to mimic perfection, then people will flock to actual perfection, perfection of the mind. Customized avatars that are perfect looking to each person's taste will substitute the desperately imperfect humans here on earth. Once our consciousness is melded with the virtual world, there will be no difference between reality and virtual reality, all The Matrix.

and that's why colour contacts are bad.

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