Friday, December 20, 2013

Dumb enough to be rich in this society?

Back in the day, people worked hard and the best of the best rose to the top of the corporate world and became wealthy. The Rockefellers, J. Paul Getty the oil man, the man who invested the slinky, all worked hard for their millions.

Nowadays, we have billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg (the guy who made Facebook), those guys who made and sold Youtube for $1.65 Billion, the Twitter guys and who the fuck knows whatever other stupid new website will make billions in the next few years. The point is, J. Paul Getty, the richest man in the 50's, worked building an oil company with his bare hands, doing manual labor and risking his life to create the wealth he accumulated. These internet billionaires of today sit at home on their recliner and think up an idea and put it online and boom, millions. If you don't believe me, look at the internets newest millionaire Jacob Blackstock who invested Bitstrips, a popular internet 'thing' where people can post cartoons that kind of look like them, in different situations. $$ Millions...

After the massive success of Facebook, Twitter came out, a place where people who like to post things online can do so but with more restrictions on the # of words they can put, Billion dollar idea!

Plus, now Youtube 'celebs' are making millions just for babbling into a camera for a couple minutes a week, heres a guy who made over $4 million dollars with his babblings: . Where's your college degree bro?

Seems like this new society by far values stupidity over intelligence and hard work. The Jersey Shore cast are another perfect example, none of them are educated, none of them work at anything except getting drunk and losing more brain cells and boom all millionaires! This culture is making it clear that what the next generation should do; skip school altogether, go online and make some stupid website idea to make billions, if that doesn't work out they could always spend all their time on Youtube becoming the next obnoxious millionaire youtube star. Seems like a solid future for my future kids.

I wonder if it bothers current law and med school students that they will never make as much as Snooki did from being a drunk, undedicated public figure. I guess she earned it though; I know I wouldn't have lasted in a house full of drunk roided Italians for more than 3 seasons.

We can only hope that our kids will have the proper skill set to thrive in the future, until then I'm off to count the money thats been pouring in from my newest social media platform 'ittr' its like Twitter but you can only have 37 characters and only 3 vowels per 'itt'. Good luck out there!

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